Yes, there's a reason why my post count is going to be down this month. It's the trap that every programmer falls into once they start learning 3D programming: the game engine trap. Yes, I'm going to build my own 3D game engine.

I've developed a sort of philosophy on the subject. I used to say that I would never get sucked into a pointless project like re-inventing the wheel; I always said that I would be the "smart" programmer and use the tools that others had created. If standing on the shoulders of giants could get me a job and a nice apartment in California, then I'd do it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I know now that it's not that simple. I've come to a realization: you can either spend a lifetime learning the intricacies of an engine that somebody else designed, or you can spend a lifetime creating your own. Either way, you've wasted a lifetime. Nobody wins. Ever.

In defense of my sanity, I assert that one cannot know how something works until one can build it without assistance. Creation is the ultimate proof of knowledge. So, unless you can create an engine from scratch, can you really understand one? I don't want to only partially understand somebody else's work. It's just not who I am. For the sake of A New Reality, I need to start from the bottom.

Don't judge me. You'll be happy that I'm doing this for you, future me.