Stanford has a rendering competition in the Spring, as the final project of a rendering class (CS348b). I'm taking the class this quarter, so I'll be part of the competition. Why not start preparing early?

I'll be posting my progress in this blog. I don't want to post everything here since this is really for my own personal endeavors that are unrelated to class, and I'd rather not flood this space with half-baked ideas and images.

At any rate, I certainly don't anticipate winning (let's face it, I'm a real-time graphics guy, not an offline rendering guy...), but there's no harm in giving it a good go, right? At the end of it all, I'd just like to have a nice sci-fi image that I can be proud of.

Oh, and, of course, I want all of the scene content to be procedural...

(no surprises there, right?) 🙂