I've finished a basic trading system. I can actually buy and sell from planets now, making profit where the deals are good. The GUI engine is great - it makes the interface really enjoyable to use. I'm glad that I invested so much time into it last year to make it sleek. Trading is pretty effortless and intuitive.

Unfortunately, there's not much more to do than that. There are no traders and no dynamic economy - so the goods stay where you leave them. Still, it's nice to see a slight bit of gameplay.

Planets are basic but somewhat attractive. I really like the atmosphere shader. The planetary surfaces are procedural and still need a lot of work, right now they're very simple Worley functions. The background is also a simple Worley texture.

So far, I'm doing a really good job of sticking to the top-down methodology. Nothing is beautiful, but everything is decent, and, more importantly, I am exploring higher-level concepts than I have never had to touch before - modular game logic, component-based entities, and so on. I'm finally making a game. And if feels great 🙂