Well, I can avoid it no longer.  Not having the ability to create plugins in an object-oriented programming language is simply killing me.  Hence, I will begin writing a c++ library for interfacing with the main framework.  The library will primarily be concerned with the ability to load data passed by the main framework into objects which will allow for more efficient processing, as well as the ability to save the data back to a format from which the main framework can integrate the new data into the composition.

Though the task is going to be rather daunting, thanks to the massive data structure specifications that I have created over time, it's also very exciting.  Building an object-oriented architecture just feels like it will offer immense benefits, and I have no doubt that it will speed up plugin-writing time, much like ScratchPad has done in recent months.

Little plugin coding progress has taken place this month thanks to my excursions in virtual worlds and artificial intelligence, and this trend will probably continue for the next few weeks.  Nevertheless, once the new library is complete, plugins will be back with a vengeance.  They'll be faster, easier, and more creative than ever before.