Well, it's taken half a year to get the results in DirectX that it took me a few weeks to get in Esenthel and XNA (wow, that seems like forever ago). And it'd actually be a lie if I were to say that I'm getting results that are anywhere near as impressive.

Nonetheless, XDX has finally matured enough to support terrain. I'm really, really pleased with how intuitive and slim the engine is turning out to be. The simple demo to which the screenshot below belongs took only 93 lines of code to create. More importantly, it could probably be re-written from scratch in ten or fifteen minutes. There's definitely beauty in the potential for such rapid development!

With any luck, it won't be long now before the sunset demo, terrain demo, and bloom filter from the old XNA files are replaced by lean, mean native DX code in the XDX engine.

Here's a peek at the current state of things (yeah, so it's just a VTF-displaced plane. It still took a lot of work.)

Onward with A New Reality!