I'm not really sure what to do. My creative motivation is way down and I'm not even sure why. But what's worse, I'm stuck. Here's my dilemma.

1. aoAIm has gotten to the point that it's huge and gives me a headache just thinking about programming more A.I. And yet there's still a LOT to do if I want it to be able to make music. I've got so many heuristic things to do it's crazy. And programming "intelligent" heuristics is not fun.

2. Within the heuristics, I really don't know how to approach a certain problem concerning the behavior of multivariable functions. So I'm at a standstill with that part of the coding, which means I'm at a standstill with aoAIm.

3. I'd like to work on EvoSpeak or some other generative plugin, but I'm tired of the bad structures, so I want to work on a structure module.

4. I can't make a decent structure module without A.I. which is why I started aoAIm in the first place, and I've already established that I'm at a standstill with that.

5. I'd program a manual structure module but I can't figure out what to do with the darn parts system, which is STILL giving me bad dreams (so to speak).

6. All of this is happening while the new interface isn't even fully built. And I got sidetracked with A.I., which means the new interface code is no longer cached in my brain's RAM (again, so to speak). Which means another hour of just looking through the code figuring out what everything does again.

So the question is: where do I start? I'll try to brainstorm some ideas:

- Implement some kind of forcing mechanism to ensure that there's a certain number of parts so that the structure module can actually know exactly what the instrumentation will be ahead of time

- Change up the entire functionality of the structure/generative modules: instead of letting the user choose the generative modules, allow the structure module to choose. Could give the structure a "pool" of plugins to draw from. It would kind of be similar to what I have now, but the structure module wouldn't be "forced" to fit in all modules.

Also, I'm thinking about unifying the architecture a little bit. If the A.I. pulls through, I think it'll be beneficial to bring things together a bit so that the structure module (and the A.I.) will have more control. Still thinking about how to do this. That could mean a massive change in the architecture. Which would be nasty.