As one of my most successful plugins to date, GGrewve has required very little attention over the course of its life. I feel that I've come to the point of needing some more power in the drum track, which I know GGrewve has the potential to supply. In particular, now that structure is actually existent in the compositions, GGrewve will need a to offer more in terms of fills, intros and outros, and variating style.

Considering that GGrewve has required almost no maintenance since it was built, I've grown very rusty with the internals of it, so upgrading it won't be fun. At the same time, it's one of the most powerful plugins I have, and improving something that already works very well will surely be more fun than trying to give a dead plugin a makeover.

Here are some specifics that I'd like to include in the next version of GGrewve:

  • Instead of allowing only a single style to be chosen, the configuration should allow an entire "pool" of styles to be chosen so that GGrewve can change styles to mesh better with the composition
  • "Style pools" will/should be loadable and savable
  • The same pool-principle should apply to fill dictionaries? Not sure if GGrewve should be able to change the style of fills since it already variates very well with fills...but it may still need more
  • Allow configuration of the engine internal biases such as those used in analyzing words for controlling appropriate context, fill frequency, humanization, etc.
  • Create a "stripping" engine capable of whittling away at a style to create a lighter style appropriate for an intro; for example, may simply involve removing kick and snare from the words so that only cymbals play during the intro, then it does a fill and transitions into the real style with kick and snare
  • Random button!!! Every interface needs one!
  • In the distant future: ability to evolve/mutate/combine styles to create new ones for even more variability

This will be the start of a campaign to break the immobility of current compositions, which change very little from beginning to end.