A while ago a started building a generalized analysis engine for grammatical subdivision called WordSmith. The engine was meant to offer more analysis options such as time compression, variable word-length, non-mapped words (for tonal instruments), key detection, and cached word analysis. I never finished the engine. Now, however, I realize that I need these features, in particular, the cached analysis, in order to implement the improvements in GGrewve.

Accordingly, I've gone back and finished the missing parts of WordSmith, making it compatible with percussive samples and changing the dictionary formats to comply with GGrewve. Now I simply have to recreate all the GGrewve style dictionaries with the new WordSmith engine and rewire GGrewve to use the new, optimized dictionary format.

Though I'm not sure the tonal capabilities of WordSmith will ever be used (as I don't recall being overly impressed by grammatical subdivision when applied to a bass guitar pattern), the percussive part has powerful features that make it the best analysis engine I have available for creating style dictionaries.