I've been having so much fun with mGen lately that I've neglected to post updates!  The FL Studio rendering interface has been working for about five days now, and with great success.  Unlike the previous attempt (which took place almost a year ago), this renderer is fast, accurate, and works on both XP and Vista (and Windows 7, soon enough).  It also includes a preliminary configuration interface that allows selection of patches directly, which is nice.

Not having to manually render each composition really takes the enjoyability of the program to the next level.  Now, it truly takes only a single click to hear a new composition (since the renderer includes a convenient option to automatically play the composition after it finishes).  Unfortunately, all this excitement is taking a toll on my hard drive - I end up keeping way too many of the compositions because a lot of them are so unique.

With the renderer in action, I'm able to listen more, produce more, and, in general, get a lot more done.  I look forward to a lot of exciting progress this month (especially since I graduate in a week)!