I've got to find a way out of this mGen rut. It's nice that I'm getting a lot of experience with new concepts like artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks. Naturally, it's great experience to have especially if I go down the computer science career path. Unfortunately, both ideas are currently too far abstracted from my work in music. We have yet to see anything useful come from aoAIm other than toy problem solutions (because I still haven't got the stomach to tackle the heuristics problem). Neural nets look fantastic and make very pretty pictures, but I have my doubts about the musical potential of such output. Furthermore, it's great that I'm learning c++ again, as it's the standard as far as robust programming languages go. But I've already written over 23,000 lines in AHK and I obviously can't switch mid-way.

I need to focus on the immediate. I need to get Sample #4 out. I need to get a decent structure module done, even if it's just a manual one. I need to work with EvoSpeak to finally create a melody that evolves over the entire piece instead of remaining static, which should break the static feel of the current compositions. Speaking of static feel, I've got to get some progression changes happening in ProgLib or even better, ChillZone (if I can figure out how to recode a good algorithm).

I'm afraid I might be drifting towards the thing that I have been scorning since the beginning. I looked at the theses, the scholarly research, the fancy jargon, and I said to myself: "the reason they get nothing done is because they are too concerned with the complexities and unwilling to see the simplicity of music." I've gotten lost and tangled in A.I., ANNs, frameworks, data structures, programming languages, GUIs, algorithm types, grammars, and the like. I've forgotten what's at the heart of my project: music. If I don't have music to show at the final presentation, I won't have anything. My research is worth nothing if I can't prove that it works.

I've got to make it work. It doesn't have to be pretty. It doesn't have to have a sleek GUI. It doesn't have to have a fancy algorithm or neurons or aspirations. It just has to sound good. That's really all there is to it.