Creating an entire algorithmic reality is going to take a lot of research and work in a vast number of fields. I've purchased the following books and am absorbing them with my dream of A New Reality in mind.

My primary focus, at the moment, other than algorithmic music, is algorithmic terrains (also known as procedural terrains).  I am exploring planetary geomorphology, the physical side of the field, as well as advanced terrain algorithms for implementing realistic techniques in code form.  I am also highly interested in star systems, galaxies, and cosmic features in general.  Nothing makes a beautiful reality like the vastness of outer-space.  On top of all that, I need the background knowledge in Direct3D and OpenGL to be able to bring everything to life.  Since I haven't decided which route to take on d3d vs. GL just yet, I figure I'll go ahead and learn both of them.  The more knowledge, the better.

I've also thrown in a random book about trees, just because I love trees and want to be able to algorithmically create them.  Having mulled the processes over in my head for a while and had several good ideas, I figure some nice pictures will really inspire me (though I still don't have quite enough background in 3D engines to implement the complexities just yet).

Color code

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