On Friday I met with Mr. Taranto, ran my ideas by him and filled him in on everything I was planning to do. He seemed very interested and impressed by the scope of the project. He said he'd gladly be my advisor. So I guess that's pretty much that as far as advisors are concerned! With my programming abilities and his musical expertise, I think we'll make a killer team.

Since I've not had good luck with setting abstract goals in the past, I'm going to set more manageable, concrete ones this week that I know I can achieve. In particular, I'd like to really get cranking on all the books I've ordered pertaining to my thesis, so that I can absorb knowledge to use in the creation of my program.

  1. Read through page 200 inĀ Music, the Brain, and Ecstasy
  2. Read through page 50 in Sweet Anticipation: Music and the Psychology of Expectation
  3. Again, try to have something audible for the class to listen to for the next status seminar.

Goals 1 and 2 should be met by next Monday, if not earlier. Goal 3 should be met by the next status seminar.

So basically my week is going to involve a LOT of reading and absorbing information. I think they're reasonable goals that will help me move towards a greater understanding of music that will ultimately manifest itself in my programming.