Two weeks ago, I knew nothing about low-level DirectX graphics programming (aka Direct3D/D3D). After relentless hours of reading, coding, trial-and-error, and frustrating bug hunts, I finally feel powerful again...almost as powerful as I feel in XNA. Except this time, I know the power is real. This power doesn't require .NET, doesn't rely on CLR, and isn't managed - no, it's power in the most raw of forms.

As far as topics go, I've covered everything up through effects/shaders.  I did skip to the last chapter in the book in order to get a head-start on render-to-texture, since I simply can't live without procedural textures.

Here's the final product of tonights work, which included importing my previous ridged perlin multifractal shader and making a tweaking it up a bit.  I'm absolutely stunned by how fast it runs - significantly faster than XNA!  I continue to be impressed by the power of native D3D.