A little bit over a year ago, I spent an hour or so whipping up a really silly/stupid algorithm for building radial space stations. Over the past few days, I've been cooking up some more advanced geometric technology to use in my second attempt. Today, I started building a new algorithm for procedural space stations. I'm very pleased to say that my results in one day are a whole lot better than they were last year!! Good to know I'm making progress 🙂

Right now, the procedural building blocks that the algorithm is using are extremely simple, just beveled boxes and a radial wheel-like thing (borrowing from my first algorithm). But this repertoire can obviously be greatly expanded, and the algorithm is able to automatically analyze the pieces and figure out how to build a structure out of them! It's pretty cool stuff...I must say, this new algorithm is simple but elegant, just the way I like them 🙂

Here's an example schematic:

And here's me exploring it in-game:

Again, notice how structurally simple everything is. There's definitely nothing fancy going on here yet, but you can already see some nice visuals emerging...it feels quite cool to be able to duck in and out of those spokes and fly around this superstructure! I can't wait to see how good this algorithm can get. I'm actually way more excited about these results than the ship results! Although, in the end, I think the algorithms can be unified...because a ship and a space station aren't really that different, are they?