For reference: Procedural Ships I (three years ago).






There will always be more to do. Even as far as I've come, you could easily single out a thousand things to improve. The texturing is awful. And is that a complete lack of bumpmap? Yikes. Spec map is boring. Every plate is pretty much the same -- no color, no different texturing, no nothing. Boring. The geometric structure? It's a 60-line algorithm, terribly simple and still terribly illogical.

And yet, somehow, I find myself falling in love with these ships. They are something more than the sum of their parts. Somehow, in the childish simplicity of it all, there is beauty.

Three years ago I was on the tip of the iceberg. Now, I feel, nothing has changed in that regard. The ships are a thousand times better, and yet, every moment that I explore proceduralism is another moment in which I realize that the iceberg is bigger than I ever did -- perhaps ever will -- comprehend. I now find it quite likely that I'll live out my entire life on the tip of this iceberg. It isn't a bad thing 🙂