I'm not done with drum modules just yet.  I'm determined to build something better than GGrewve.  Sure, GGrewve works great, but since I've had such great success with drums in the past, why not go even further?  Just because something works doesn't mean you have to leave it alone.  After brainstorming with PowerPoint for several hours, I think I have come up with some winning ideas.

Click for the PowerPoint.

Much like the GGrewve engine, this new percussive analysis revolve around grammar segmentation.  Unlike GGrewve, this engine will also "stratify" the pattern by pads for even more flexible analysis and resynthesis.  The actual analysis engines may include Markov and a new engine by the name of Multi-State Analysis that I'm in the process of writing.

Below are the slides in image form in case I should ever need them on a computer without Office;