In keeping with the spirit of the recent drive to create a "generalized" algorithm system (starting with the XenCut fractal cutting engine mentioned a while ago), I'm beginning yet another grammar engine. The goal this time? Lighter and more portable than WordEngine. Easy applicability, easy conversions between words and soft patterns of notes, etc. The engine will also be more generalized. Words are simply comma-delimited strings now, and have no duration, velocity, or time data. To create full sets of note, velocity, time, and duration data, all one has to do is combine four words.

The key component that I want to emphasize in development is the interoperability of the algorithms. For example, the XenCut/generalized fractal engine could be used to create random words for the new grammar engine's dictionary. A Lindenmayer system could then be used to string words together into phrases, and a stochastic engine could control the distribution of phrases.

I'm hoping that this development of easy-to-use algorithms will lead to the creation of the ultimate hybrid plugin that will bring together the strengths of all methods as I originally envisioned when I first began the program.