I got really close to sample #4 tonight. The only thing stopping it from being sample #4 is the fact that I had to do the production, because the new interface doesn't yet execute the (rather outdated) production module. But that's ALL I did. I just dragged the MIDI into FL Studio and loaded some typical plugins for the instruments.

The composition sounded much like a typical alternative rock song one would hear on the radio today. Of course it would only be the background for such a song. Nevertheless, it was a very good sound. The piece opened with the background chords and the melody, then launched into a verse with the melody dropping out and the drums coming in. It then went through a chorus, which involved all three of the loaded plugins, and repeated the cycle again. Very repetitive, as EvoSpeak, which was used for the melody, still isn't dynamic. Regardless, it was one of those "wow" moments that I haven't had in a while.

The experience wasn't quite as shaking as the sample #3 incident, but it certainly gives me some more energy to push forward.

Although I've been saying it for two months, I think we're pretty darn close to seeing a sample #4.