Believe it or not, the program has undergone many changes since the last sample. I created a brand new structure plugin based around the idea of a smooth, contoured intensity structure. I also injected a few lines into most of the other plugins to give them a primitive obey-the-structure rule. Most of the instruments now actually pay attention when the structure module tells them to play loud versus when to play soft. Some, however, still don't have this capability, and most lack any real sense of volume other than the most basic loud and soft abilities.

Still, these improvements constitute serious advancements in mGen. I find this sample to be moderately pleasing. Although it gets repetitive in some places, I'm very pleased with the dynamics. I'm aware that they are still laughably lacking, but at least there ARE dynamics in this sample, unlike the last.

And yes, I know that it sounds very similar. That's due to the lack of rendering options that I have given the program to this point. I'm more concerned with the scoring than the rendering at the moment, but I'll get around to expanding the instrument catalog eventually.

Oh, and a little side note - the drum "solo" at the end was actually a very unintentional and very strange glitch. I've no idea why the drums played a whole extra measure...I'm still trying to figure it out. Three months in and the program already has a mind of its own - I guess I should be proud and worried at the same time!