Well today was the day! My meeting with professor Machover at the MIT Media Lab went better than I ever could have dreamed. We talked for about forty minutes. He listened to my thesis ideas and project, pointed out some resources and told me I was headed in the right direction. He liked the design plans I have so far and shared some words of wisdom on music. Being single-handedly responsible for the composition program, he was also able to discuss the more technical side of algorithmic composition.

After a lengthy conversation with Tod, he was kind enough to walk me over to the office of his research assistant for the Hyperscore project, who took a great interest in my program after talking for a short while. I was able to get contact information from both Machover and his assistant, both of whom expressed a great interest in keeping up with the project and hearing how my endeavors go. Perhaps I can have some professional beta-testers for the program!

I'll post more specific details of everything later. Today was all a little surreal. I love my project.