After a great deal of problems and long nights of debugging, I finally have the marching cubes polygonization algorithm up and working in my engine! I was hesitant to implement the algorithm in the first place, since it requires a lot of constant global memory (several KB for the lookup tables), and I'm trying to keep my executable size as low as possible. In the end, however, it was worth the few extra kilobytes. The results are incredible! Isosurface extraction may be the answer to all of A New Reality's problems!

Using isosurface extraction, it will be loads easier to create procedural models. My fear, however, is performance. The algorithm is sluggish at best, even on powerful CPUs. No wonder, considering it has to sample tens, possibly hundreds, of thousands of grid points in the density function. For high-quality procedural modeling to be feasible using isosurface extraction, I'm going to have to hope that CPU power increases a lot in the near future. Until then, I will continue attempting to optimize the algorithm as well as explore multithreaded options to prevent lockups during mesh creation.

I hope to post some results of the algorithm soon!