• A plugin that has its own plugin slots (nested plugins)
  • For example, a drum/bass multimodule could have the ability to load two plugins (one percussive, and one bass), and be able to have tighter control over coordinating them than the main framework would have if they were separate plugins
  • Think post-processing, except during the rendering process
  • Acts as an overseer


  • A macro that does something with rendered mp3s
  • Adds the song to iTunes library, for example

Unified Core Module

  • Alternative to structure -> coordination -> progression workflow
  • Provides a unified core interface
  • Could be more coherent

Unified Production Module

  • Overarching module that replaces the unified core module as well as all generative modules
  • Decides (algorithmically) which plugins to call and how to call them
  • This is the final step in making mGen truly random - no more user configuration of modules
  • Does NOT replace the renderer/post-renderer