Seems that everyone has the same dream these days...

Bow Shock ~
Britonia ~
Drifter ~
Infinity ~
Kinetic Void ~
Nycterent ~
Pioneer ~
Predestination ~
Outerra ~
Rodina ~
SkyJacker ~
Space Engine ~
SpaceOut ~
X Rebirth ~

I guess we're all pretty much the same: we're nerds who watched Star Wars / Star Trek / BSG one too many times, we undersetand PCG, and we just can't get the dazzling dream of a massive space universe out of our heads.

I wonder if anyone will ever get it right? I'd like to think that I'll be the one to do it, but it would seem that more and more people share this dream every day. And some of them are even getting money for it. How much chance does this 20-year-old have of beating everyone else to the punch? I guess only time will tell.