Most of the major glitches in Fraccut have been fixed.  As I said earlier, I had serious concerns about whether or not the plugin would retain originality when the glitches were removed.  Sure enough, it did.

After several hours of tweaking and fiddling with the code of the Fraccut engine, I'm started to get addicted to listening.  That's something that's never happened before.  I've been impressed every now and then with the quality of compositions, but I've never heard such good pieces one after the next.  The whole "infinite" thing is really sinking in.  It takes the program 20 seconds to generate another beautiful piece.

"I swear, this is the last comp I'll generate tonight."  And after listening, "well...actually...I really enjoyed that one.  Maybe I'll listen to just one more."  And that's just the beauty of it.  I can listen to one more.  And another, and another, and so on.  It's infinite.  I rendered three of the many compositions that I heard tonight.  That's more than I've ever saved in a single night; I'm usually very selective about the compositions that I render and save to the archive.  The program already has a 21 minute playlist on my mp3 player and it's very enjoyable.  Of course, in the future, this playlist will be days, weeks, years, and finally, infinite.

Perhaps the best part of all this is that it's nowhere near full potential.  I've still got loads of ideas for Fraccut.  The plugin is still in its infancy and I intend to see it through to adulthood.  As for mGen, it is a mere fetus in a womb of musical potential.

As I said, my journeys into the depths of infinite music are starting to get addictive.