Since I dedicated most of October's work to coding lightweight fractal, L-system, grammar, and genetic engines (all in one month!), I will once more return my focus to the interface during the month of November.

Interface2 (I2) has served mGen well for quite a while now. Unfortunately, I2 has hindered improvement of the core framework due to its glossiness. Though the interface looks great, it simply takes too much time to add new features that keep with the sleek, highly-polished feel of the rest of the interface.

As I discussed in a previous post, the next generation interface will aim to strike a balance between maintainability, which the early-generation interfaces boasted, and aesthetic appeal, for which I2 no doubt raised the bar to extraordinary heights. Interface3 (I3) will blend the best elements of both interfaces.

Development has already started, but screenshots won't come online until the GUI starts looking nice again. I'm excited about all the opportunities that I3 will bring back to mGen. By the end of the week I hope to see the framework recover loading and saving functionality, as well as plugin state saving and, in general, a lot more configurability.