While most of the day was devoted to actual thesis writing, I did get a chance to work on some GGrewve improvements towards the end of the night. As with many of the plugins, the interface coding for the new GGrewve will take as long if not longer than coding the functionality. I've already finished a lot, though, and the "pool" system is now in place. It seems like it will speed up configuration immensely while allowing a greater degree of flexibility and realism for the engine.

I still have to add an "Advanced Configuration" panel for under-the-hood tweaking of the engine and make sure that data transfer works fine (saving and loading) between the configuration interface and the main executable. After that's done, I'll get to work upgrading the engine to handle the pool system and other improvements.

Here's a look at the new GGrewve:

Yes, I still have very few styles. And yes, Ulrich Schnauss has a special place in my heart, especially his song "Between Us and Them" (BUaT).