Picking XIAS up again, I'm now working on developing a flexible and lightweight Markov engine to give the XIAS library stochastic abilities.

Potential features for the Markov engine:

  • Hierarchical storing of event probabilities for fast access time
    • Will require hefty upgrade of Object System data structure
    • Similar to GDS
    • Improve access times for complex data structures
  • Overlapping of orders
    • Markov chains of different orders can have different "weights" that contribute to the overall probability of an event occurring
    • Gives the user the ability to control how deeply the engine considers the past states when calculating probabilities
  • Arbitrary event-handling
    • Events don't have to take any particular structure - in fact, events could even have other data encoded into them to further enhance the predictive capabilities of the engine when outside variables may be influencing the future

Unfortunately, as mentioned in the notes above, making the engine efficient is going to require an overhaul of the Object System data structure created recently. It will require the ability to store substructures as single elements of larger structures to speed up access times (which I'm quite certain would get out of hand quickly for large systems in which many events contribute to the weightings). This ability will bring OS closer to the functionality of GDS. The main difference, however, will lie in the syntax. I still intend for OS to have easy, OOP-like syntax (Parent.sublevel1.sublevel2 ... variable = blah). All previous OS code will need to function after the rewrite.

When the Markov engine is finished, XIAS will boast a truly wide range of algorithms. I can only imagine the hybrid possibilities.

Here's what I'm thinking: a genetic algorithm that dynamically evolves Markov probability spaces that are based on an underlying grammatical system analysis, wherein the words of the grammar come from a fractal cutting engine whose parameters are fed by an L-system. Talk about one hybrid algorithm to rule them all!