Alas, it seems that much of the creativity recently attributed to the two excellent performances of Fraccut may be the result of glitches rather than a well-written algorithm.  More stress-testing of Fraccut has revealed some motifs that actually appear in numerous compositions, indicating a problem with the code (since the engine isn't supposed to inherently "like" anything).

New creativity methods have been implemented.  I'm still using the pseudo-random generator approach, but in a different, more coherent way.

Fraccut is turning out to have many strange glitches nested within the engine.  Strange durations and odd beat patterns are starting to emerge.  It looks like the process of refining fractal cutting won't be as easy as it first appeared.  But then again, that would have been all too easy.

The hardest part of the whole process will be developing helpful debugging tools.  I'm going to have to design some interfaces to let me really see what Fraccut is thinking in a visual way so I can explore these strange glitches that are apparently more than just typos in the code.

I hope that, when Fraccut comes out clean, it will still sound as good as it did the first two times.