I'm finally getting more detailed in my design of "randomness" in mGen.  Fraccut is one of the first plugins to feature a handy "randomize all" button, which should eventually be a component of all plugins.  Unfortunately, perfectly-linear random distributions aren't very interesting.  They don't sound good either.  When I left settings up to Fraccut, the results were generally wild and unpredictable, straying far from "normal" settings.

Having done a little research on Gaussian distributions and the Box-Muller transform for a random input stream, I implemented a random Gaussian function in Fraccut.  Now the settings have the potential to stray far from the conventional, but do so with low probability, just as one would expect.

I have yet to see how Fraccut arrangements sound with this added order to the randomness of mGen.  I'm also trying to implement octave and interval settings before I make the next batch of mGen compositions.