Finally, I found the culprit causing Fraccut's random behavior.  Indeed, one tiny call to a pseudorandom generator got passed my eye and was causing the entire process to change over the composition.  Now Fraccut's ideas are static, as expected.

Why, one might ask, would I want the ideas to be static when the so-called "glitch" was allowing them to be dynamic?  Well, in time I will make them dynamic.  But I want the variation process to be controlled so that Fraccut's ideas evolve and mature over time like those of a real musician.  Idea development, while in the end must be unpredictable, shouldn't be left to a totally random process that has no concept of development.  I will start working on algorithms that slightly variate the seed input of the cutting engine, which should produce modified ideas that resemble the original ones.

With the engine glitches a thing of the past, I can really start concentrating on allowing Fraccut to fulfill its potential.