I'm working on giving Fraccut a greater sense of continuity.  What I'm really trying to do is expand Fraccut's attention span, so to speak.  Rather than making large jumps back to parent blocks when chord changes and such occur, Fraccut should have the ability to continue on with a previous idea provided that the idea meshes with the new key.  This is the fifth major controllable variable added to the configuration interface and it will, with any luck, really separate the melodies from other static modules or other Fraccut modules with low continuity settings.

On the other hand, I'm still trying to figure out how on earth Fraccut is continuing to generate new, dynamic ideas when I'm restricting it to only one idea per composition at the moment.  I'm having trouble with the randomness engine.  It's really a very strange thing.  There should be, at present, no way for randomness to enter the cutting process.  The process is controlled completely by a string that is generated before the cutting is done.  However, Fraccut's output is not static over measures, as one would expect it to be with this system in place and holding the input string constant.  The plugin really does have a mind of its own at the moment.  While it's cool that Fraccut is breaking my rules and running with its own ideas, I must ensure that the engine is operating exactly as I expect it to before continuing development of more advanced features.  I need precise control over Fraccut's ideas so that I can distribute them properly through compositions.

Overall, however, the fractal experience continues to be a very rewarding one.  I am hearing many original, coherent compositions that are only a few steps away from comparability with human compositions.