Though Fraccut only has a very basic variation system right now, it's enough to almost ruin the coherence that, during the early stages, sounded so promising. But there are plenty of ways to fix that. Repetition of ideas has been almost totally destroyed, especially when multiple Fraccut parts come together. There are several problems with the method of generation right now:

  • Each variation is pseudorandom, so there exists an infinite number of "permutations" of the idea. Does this not completely defeat the purpose of the seeding engine?
  • Other than the single "styleclass" parameter that the generative modules get each movement, there is essentially no way of coordinating ideas across multiple modules. The lack of coordination module functionality is starting to bring everything else down. This avoidance won't be able to go on much longer, as it's quickly becoming the system's bottleneck.
  • Variation is based on seeds right now...maybe it would be smarter to base variation on a separate variation engine? Perhaps some kind of sub-module that could be used across multiple generative modules and offers a variety of variation algorithms? Sounds like it'd be worth a try.
  • Variation is performed on both seed strings. It would probably be more coherent to only perform variation on the offset string. I'll see to this once the new fractal cutting engine is in place.

On the side, the new cutting engine (still without a name) is coming along nicely. The OS data structure is performing well and code readability is better than ever.

It'll be exciting to see how the fractal structure module will perform in comparison to Manual and Easy Contoured Structure.