Yes, I'm STILL working on getting the analysis part of EvoSpeak working. I now have the structure of the species' brains figured out and I've optimized the analysis engine a LOT, thanks to the new storage method of the analysis filters. So things are looking pretty good and soon enough I should be working within the interface of EvoSpeak instead of grinding around in the code.

I'll admit, progress on mGen is coming slowly. It still looks like I'm going to make the code deadline that I set for Wednesday (17,000 lines), which is encouraging. How is mGen shaping up in the big picture/long run? That's what I'm more worried about. I'm going to have to step back and take a serious look at what's going on after I hit this deadline. I don't even really have anything for Mr. Taranto to help with yet, even though our meeting is in under two weeks. It's time to step up to the plate.