Using an isosurface extraction algorithm, it is possible to model in far more intuitive ways than with extrusions, welds, and the other tedious tasks of typical 3D modeling software. One such method is via the use of ellipsoids that influence the density function from which an isosurface is extracted. Modeling using ellipsoids is fast, intuitive, and requires only a fraction of the space that a regular mesh would take to store.

The following simple starship mesh was created in about ten minutes using only 14 ellipsoids.

Note that ALL of the assets used in this demo, including my core engine, the precompiled drawing shaders, as well as the ship meta-mesh and extraction algorithm, fit into a single 33kb executable (after UPX compression). And no D3DX dependency, either! I'm quite proud of how space-efficient my project is turning out to be.

All hail the marching cubes!