Over the past few months, things have been going exceptionally well for mGen. I've seen some killer samples and exceptional plugins. With all the success, however, comes the temptation to slide into a rut. With no massive glitches to fix and no composition elements that are severely lacking, it's difficult to decide where to go from here. It is critical, however, that I continue to make progress and advance the program.

A list of ideas follows, each of these could be the new direction(s) for mGen over the next few months:

  • Development of the production interface and integration with Interface2
  • Development of Interface3, a more streamlined and less graphical interface
  • Implementation of some data standard for dealing with tempo, time signature, rhythm, and meter
  • Development and implementation of a coordination module; development of a data standard for coordination
  • Coding of a large library of easy-to-use algocomp functions, much like the XenCut engine, but with respect to all types of algorithms
  • Creation of more plugins using methods not already explored (ANNs,AI-based,KBS,etc.)
  • Development of a decent strings plugin so ChillZone Pianist can finally stop being abused
  • Development of a simple auxiliary percussion plugin for subtleties
  • Rewrite ChillZone Pianist from scratch
  • Testing of an "ear" module, just to see if anything useful can come out of it
  • Extensive work on smooth transitions - making separate movements really sound and feel different

Clearly, there are a lot of places mGen could go over the course of the next few months. With any luck, it will continue to impress me with good samples.