CrystalNet is now up and working.  Though only in an alpha stage with very few features and no configuration front end, the CrystalNet engine is already providing good results.

I've only run through a few compositions with the new structure module, but already I can appreciate the diversity of structure that Manual didn't offer and the coherence that Easy Contoured Structure couldn't provide.  It looks like continued development of CrystalNet will provide another valuable plugin for mGen.

Here's a sample screenshot illustrating a fractal structure:

On another positive note, I had the pleasure of listening to a jaw-dropping composition tonight made by CrystalNet and an assortment of randomly-configured Fraccut plugins.  The sample definitely warrants an upload.  It's not altogether good until the strings come in behind the oboe.  But it's when the accompanying oboe comes in that the composition attains about twenty seconds of bliss.  The dual oboe harmony is beautiful.

Once again, mGen has reminded me why I pour my life into algorithmic composition.  Once again, I feel completely and totally fulfilled.