As I have continued to work on generative plugins and attempted to reverse-engineer familiar music, I have found something lacking in my Core Modules group. I need more than just a structure and progression module - I need a meter/rhythmic module. Such a module would generate information concerning where the strongest beats of each measure lie, how melody should interact with harmony, - with room for syncopation and counterpoint - and more for each segment of a composition.

Although such a module wouldn't make much difference in the case of a standard 4/4 beat, where beats 1, 5, 9, and 13 are heavily accented, it would shine through when unusual rhythmic and metric patterns occured. Almost any metric pattern can sound good if used consistently and coherently. This new module would allow the drum plugin to make sure it hits the accented beats harder - and choose its base beat accordingly, as well as enable the melody to follow a predictable metric pattern.

In short, I need a coordination module.

Now the real question: what rules govern the metric and rhythmic patterns of compositions?