Computer Models of Musical Creativity (David Cope)
Chapter 1: Definitions

  • Many see creativity as restricted to humans
  • If humans can't create creative machines, then are they really creative in the first place?
  • Two important questions when considering creativity: must the creator know what he or she is creating and must they appreciate his or her own creation?
  • Creativity is directly related to intelligence
  • Intelligence consists of the following abilities: to learn, to remember, to infer, to analogize, and to create
  • Combinatorial accidents can be powerful creative tools and also produce striking originality
  • "Originality must be useful"
  • "Cross-wiring can produce interesting, unique, and important¬†creativeconnections"
  • "Vertically thinking is selective and analytical, while lateral thinking is generative and instigative"
  • Cope's definition of creativity: "The initialization of connections between two or more multifaceted things, ideas, or phenomena hitherto not otherwise considered actively connected"
  • "I do not feel that creativity requires intelligence, nor does it consequently require life"
  • "Creativity should never be confused with arbitrary or convenient contrivances that simply take any road untried for the sake of novelty"