Tonight was a long night for mGen. At the begin of the night, the poor thing was told it had an obsolete internal data structure that lacked much structure to speak of. Furthermore, mGen was accused of inefficient data handling that was making other modules work harder than necessary.

After an immense surgery that lasted about four hours, mGen is now smiling with a brand-new, sparkly internal data structure. The structure now conforms to the data structures used by other modules and makes it much easier for all other components of the program to access information about the composition on the fly. The surgery has, however, rendered mGen uncompatible with most of the previous plugins I wrote to accompany it. They too much schedule an appointment for surgery to become capable of taking advantage of mGen's new data structure.

In short, I rebuilt the internals of the mGen framework from scratch. It's an investment in the future, where data handling will be done much more efficiently by the program. It's really quite a huge change/improvement, as reflected by the half a thousand line increase in code length.