One of the first plugins I ever wrote for mGen was theĀ ChillZone Pianist, designed to be a piano module for down tempo applications like Buddha Bar, Hotel Costes, and Cafe del Mar. The ChillZone Pianist uses an interesting data structure for generation: hands. The pianist essentially has two "hands," each consisting of five fingers. The fingers can move around different keys, and the plugin generates output by invoking functions built into the hand data structures that 'play' the fingers in a desired order and with a desired time map. Using this method, I hope to recreate more realistic patterns that a real pianist would play.

After dropping the ChillZone plugins for quite a while in favor of certain others, I have come back to the pianist. I experimented with other models for generation such as my consciousness model theory, but ultimatelely came back to the original thought that mimicing a pianist could produce solid results. Thus, I am now back at work on the ChillZone pianist and hope to complete all the features, such as rhythmic chords and abstract motifs.