Finally, the reign of ChillZone Pianist has come to an end, at least in the provision of string parts, for which it was not even designed in the first place. Bowed, a generative module designed specifically for background string parts, will take its place.

Bowed has many functions that make it excellent for background parts played by sorrowful cellos, lush pads, and the like. It scatters individual string instruments over the various chord (or key) notes, locking some in place by snapping them to the chord, and allowing others to flow freely. This process makes inversions and other interesting chord variations a natural ability of Bowed. Bowed can also combine successive identical notes into a single note that spans multiple measures. The Bowed configuration allows a choice of how "thick" the strings should be - corresponding to how many string instruments Bowed places. Furthermore, Bowed follows structure module instructions carefully, increasing the thickness of parts as well as note velocities to complement the intensity of the movement.

Overall, Bowed is a very solid background plugin and will most likely provide the strings for many samples to come.