Beam weapons are now fully-implemented (the previous implementation was just a hacky prototype). A nice detail of my current weapon implementation is that turrets on ships actually rotate to track their target. It's pretty cool seeing those massive turrets on capital ships swivel towards an enemy ship, then rip them apart with a huge beam of energy.

I'm doing some stress tests with loads of ships in a free-for-all just to see where the bottlenecks in the engine are located. Not surprisingly, almost all of the time is spent in the code for pulse and beam weapons, performing the necessary scene raycasts in order to make collision work. I've already accelerated this a lot with a spatial hashing structure, enabling fast raymarching for short rays (pulses and beams qualify for this). Then, there's a world space AABB test and, finally, OPCODE does its thing with those AABB-trees.

Apparently I've done a pretty good job of optimizing so far, because I can handle about 50 ships in an all-out, epic war before my fps drops below 60. Still, I'd like to push that number to at least 100. I'm not going to settle for limiting the number of ships that can be in an engagement in this game - if you've got the cash to hire a hundred wingmen, you should be able to use them!