I've been working on airframe lately in hopes of getting the structure up to par with the other modules (progression module is my next target).  I've come to the conclusion that generative modules need to be a lot smarter than they are right now, because they shouldn't rely too heavily on the structure module to provide "solid" structure data.  Structures are really not very complex.  To be perfectly honest, the best option would probably be a very simple KBS with a pre-programmed list of structure forms (ABABCB, etc).  Until then, I'm overshooting the complexity.  So the generative modules will be responsible for keeping the piece coherent and figuring out what to do if the structure modules sends overly-complicated (or overly-simplified) instructions.

The core system of airframe has been decided upon - at least for now.  I'm proud to introduce it as the first mGen plugin to use a Lindenmayer system, also known as an L-system, which is basically a simple grammar system at first glance but has roots in fractals.  I think the L-system will provide a refreshing dose of simplicity and organized complexity.  I really won't know what to expect until I hear it, and if it works, it'll be far too good to be true given how easy an L-system is to implement.

Of course I plan on layering other processes over the L-system engine to refine the structure output (maybe an ear module?), so airframe will technically still be a hybrid plugin.

EvoSpeak is also still progressing.