I am afraid that the day has come that I can no longer restrain my creativity to a single field of algorithmic art. As faithful as I have been over the past two years to algorithmic composition, my love for music is not strong enough to keep my imagination from wanting to run boundlessly through the possibilities of other fields of algorithmic art. It is with this acceptance that I now broaden the scope of this blog. No longer will A New Music represent only the field of algorithmic composition.

From here on, any topic of algorithmic art will be open for contemplation and posting. From generative modeling to procedural worlds, algorithmic painting to virtual reality, and, of course, full-blown artificial intelligence.

Now, in broadening anything, one risks the loss of precision and quality in a single area. I do not intend for my work in algorithmic composition to diminish in any way. In order to counteract the broadening of the project's scope, I will extend the project's lifetime. I no longer expect to finish by this summer, nor do I even expect to finish by the end of college. No, my work in algorithmic art will take me nothing short of a lifetime. It will take me years and years to explore all territory of the beautiful landscapes of algorithms and still, I will never reach every crevice. I have no doubts, however, that I will someday arrive at the level of quality of which I currently dream.

For now, much of my effort has been diverted to algorithmically creating worlds.  In particular, I have turned my focus to procedural terrain generation using methods such as spectral synthesis, midpoint displacement, and particle deposition.  I hope to explore generative modeling in the near future.  Naturally, contour grammar is still in the back of my mind.  Wait...what if grammar could be applied to landscapes as well?  Oh the possibilities!

Henceforth, A New Music is no longer A New Music.  It is now A New Reality, an exploration of algorithmic art.

Here's to a bright future for algorithmic art.  I'll celebrate it with a beautiful world, created today by none other than my own computer: