Introducing Fraccut v3, the next generation in fractal cutting.  Fraccut has always been a solid plugin.  Unfortunately, it's also been a relatively slow plugin due to the volume of information it handles.  AHK heavily bottlenecks the data transfer since the language lacks OOP capabilities.  With the c++ library in place, it's time to give Fraccut a serious speed boost.

Beyond the performance gains, the third generation of the Fraccut engine will also leverage the power of the mGN Library's RandomSource abstract interface to draw random numbers.  This should allow for much greater flexibility in configuring the random component of fractal cutting.

Some additional features that Fraccut v3 will aim to support in the future include:

  • Context-sensitive cutting parameters
    • Pay attention to phrasing
  • Optional grammar conversion (use the cutting blocks as controllers for a grammar, see Fractal Grammar)
  • Incorporation of Markov engine for added stylistic coherence
  • Loading/saving Markov styles
  • Linkage with gMSE for advanced style options