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Runtime Reflection II

October 22, 2013 General News 6 Comments

A much more intuitive way to visualize the data. And appropriate, considering the game's context 🙂

Area of "star" is proportional to memory footprint. The connectivity is reflective of the structure of the data. Cool stuff...someday I'll do the same with the code rather than just the data. That'll be fantastic.

In-Engine Data Map

In-Engine Data Map (Closeup)

Edit: and a few more just for show 🙂 This is a pretty deep visualization of a ship, going all the way down to the attached hardpoints (thrusters, weapons, power generator) and most of the data therein. Amazing how beautiful and structured the data is.

Runtime Reflection

October 9, 2013 General News 3 Comments

Hard not to be proud of a c++ engine that lets you look inside of it with no boilerplate code 🙂

Runtime Reflection in the LT Engine (on the right)

Really a shame that I didn't post about any of the recent graphical improvements 🙁 Gotta hop back on the bandwagon at some point though!