...the computer can still surprise me, even after all this time.  And the surprises keep getting better.  Tonight I stumbled on a really lovely system, had to take a while to just roam around and bask in the stars :)


A Nice Star System


*whispers to computer* thank you, that was really nice, but I hope someday you will surprise me with a whole universe...? :)

5 thoughts on “Sometimes...”

  1. Hrmm.. Firstly I like the duality of the dust clouds, red split to purple.. but I am curious if we will have any systems that will not have a backdrop of nebula clouds and just be open space with a star field? I'm all for atmospheric nebula clouds just not all the time.. it becomes overwhelming and to be frank, a little boring to the eyes/brain.

    1. Yep, some systems are darker than others, with the extreme being just a starfield. They won't all look the same! Personally I prefer luminous backdrops, which is why I always choose such systems for taking screenshots/videos.

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