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Sweet Profiler

February 21, 2013 General News 3 Comments

Spent a good chunk of today upgrading the in-engine profiler, which had gotten so old and obsolete that I never really used it anymore, and preferred external tools for profiling.  Well, that needed to change, because in-engine profiling is by far the most convenient.  It also gave me a nice opportunity to break in my new interface system.  Thanks to this week's overhaul of the interface engine, I was able to cook up what I think is a great-looking profiler with almost not effort!

More important than the looks, however, is the accuracy.  I dramatically improved the accuracy, and now it is giving me what seem to be very good results!  This will be invaluable as I continue to add complexity to the game.  Man, this thing makes the performance optimizer in me so excited 😀

New Profiler

Shiny New In-Engine Profiler!


February 12, 2013 Algorithmic Art 5 Comments

...the computer can still surprise me, even after all this time.  And the surprises keep getting better.  Tonight I stumbled on a really lovely system, had to take a while to just roam around and bask in the stars 🙂


A Nice Star System


*whispers to computer* thank you, that was really nice, but I hope someday you will surprise me with a whole universe...? 🙂