More Procedural Ships

This program is remarkable, even as simplistic as it currently is (it just places clever Gaussian distributions of metaballs).

When I get a chance, I'll start working on a context-free grammar to upgrade the ship generator. It won't be too difficult to imbue it with a sense of 'structure' and 'design,' considering the fantastic results I've achieved using CFGs in algorithmic composition. Music and ships aren't really that different ;)

I'm having way too much fun. I love procedural content :)

Procedural City

I spent a few hours today building a rudimentary city generator based on simple implicit models. Considering how little time I spent on this, I'm quite happy with the results! Random models + gaussian distributions of objects made for some nice little procedural cities.

Of course, they're not too pretty close up...but I still find it quite entertaining to observe how much complexity and beauty can come out of such a simple procedural algorithm.