Despite not having worked quite as much as I would have liked to during 2011, a lot of work on the XDX engine and project A New Reality still got done.  I put together a collage of screenshots from 2011's blog entries.  It's hard to imagine that my terrains looked so pitiful just a year ago!  I can't wait to see what I'll be saying about my current screenshots in a year 🙂 Hopefully future work will make them look equally inadequate.

Indeed, it's easy to see from the collage that much effort this year has been spent on behalf of terrains and various terrain engines.  I hope to see some more interesting projects this year, preferably involving combinations of previously-studied elements like terrains and trees and such.

No doubt, I'm moving ever-closer to the goal of a procedural reality.  Whether or not I'll get there in time, however, is still anybody's guess.